has nothing what-so-ever to do with being surrounded my noise or bodies.

Being alone is simply the act of having a block from being able to participate with others.

Being lonely is a state of mind which can change with one thought of perseverance.

Feeling alone is like walking into your closet and leaving the door shut.

It takes courage to not be alone.

It take using YOUR OWN POWER to leave the tiny cramped room you’ve walked into.

Looking for more, than what you’ve already accepted, is a fight worth fighting.

How great

it is

to be alive and to hear sounds through my window.

How wonderful it is to be at peace,

and to talk with Jesus.

How fantastic is feels to know I have a love so deep for a man

that returns it to me.

How breath-taking it is to peer out over a mountain top,

or to stare over the horizon, knowing the line will never stop.

How great it is to be alive.

How great is my life.

How wonderful it is to get pass horrible trials

and celebrate.

How glorious is the Lord

who carries me.

How lovely and perfect my life.

Staying Open

is hard.

It allows knives to slide

and fingers to pry.

Staying open requires pain

to be welcomed and

thought of as a lesson.

Staying open 

provides a broad door

for anyone to explore.

Some that come through leave immediately

some stay

some go after a while.

Staying open 

invites knowledge.