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There’s magic

and I feel it.

There’s sunshine

and I don’t.

My thoughts to you

conjure misunderstanding.

There’s magic

sure there is

in every breath

and every kiss.

Sure there’s magic

sure there’s hope for change

when you don’t believe

it fades 

It’s dark here

and I cannot see.

I simply feel for the keys.

It’s plenty solid here,

the wind feels like brick.

It’s solid. I can rely on it.

I notice,

that even though I rely,

the brick

begins to crack.

The more this wall fidgets with

each quake of the Earth

I feel the pressure upon my legs,

It is dark here.

I cannot see,

but yet I know.

My brick has become liquid,

I cannot rely on it.

Oh Beautiful,

beautiful soul.

Dive into my mind and swim around.

Hello there,

welcome to more than what your naked eyes see.

I have been awaiting the chance

to guide you

as you explore.

Here you will find memories of delight;

Here you will see dark days of

thunder and sleeping fright.

Careful, Beautiful

not to awake

the sleeping hauntings

that I have locked away.

Beautiful, Beautiful,

I’ve noticed a frown.

Are you pitying me?

Why do you frown?

Do you not understand,

why I asked of you to see?

I question you,

Will you learn from me?


Please me,

by paying attention.

There will be no harm done

to your beautiful soul,

only some minor additions.