Jesus took care of that.

God does not hate,

the devil takes care of that,

God hates that.

Holding onto worries?

Jesus gets rid of those.

Don’t have the power?

The Holy Spirit holds that.

Don’t feel loved?

Let the Lord do that,

Let Him hold you like you are

the only one with Him.

Every curse thrown to you?

Your savior will turn those into blessings.

God does not curse believers.

We have forgotten

our world without public nudity.

Chosen not to honor morals

and start glorifying

harming bodies-

self and others.

We have forgotten

music without technologically created

advances, beats.

We forgot that

mouths can speak,

and what we write

can’t be considered true “conversation”,

or socialization.

We have left out the kids

who don’t fit a certain outfit

while we’re telling them



is telling me

that I can be anyone I want to be,

love anyone I want to,

tattoo, pierce anything…


There’s always a catch…

BUT, no no, can’t do that.

Can’t love them,

can’t do what makes me happy,

because the faces,

that apparently value

more than mine,

will look down on me,

down to me.

They are higher than me,

and higher than me.

I’m not worthy, says society.


There’s always something that

someone wants from you,

from your money.

Those ads, BE YOU,

want you to be them,

be for them.

Sell for them.

We have forgotten

that there is a REASON

Jersey Shore has been cancelled while

Andy Griffith

still airs

almost every day.

We have forgotten

that HEROES should still be in the news,

and glorifying criminals

will increase the chance for

attention seekers

to do just that.

We have forgotten to thank

our firefighters,

our soldiers, and all that

FIGHT for this country to

have every bit that it does.


America is hated,

we have forgotten to fight for more reasons

than personal financial gain.

We have forgotten ourselves

somewhere along in the make-up

and in the

Beamer Benz and Bentleys.

We have forgotten that our sentences

don’t always need the word “fuck” and “God damn”.

We have forgotten what a hug feels like

from a person,

but we don’t crave that, not at all,

we crave the computer screen,

telling it: “please, love me”

but we forgot what true emotion is like.


We have forgotten

to teach our children

coping skills and to speak truths.

And that LOVE that they crave?

They aren’t getting it from mommy,

not daddy either.

No, mommy and daddy are somewhere

smoking weed because

it’s cool, and they

“just don’t feel like”

growing up. Moving forward.


We have forgotten

to look with our own eyes

outside, so we trust

whoever on Twitter says it’s raining-

Can’t trust our own judgement,

can’t function without the government

fighting our battles-

We’ve forgotten how to have the mindset

to do what’s right anyhow.

I can’t even leave my house unlocked for 20 minutes.


So no, I don’t think that

this world can be perfect

just because people want it to be.

Your “New year new me” is just an old story.

We have forgotten…

this is civilization…?

Then why are we acting like animals in suits,

telling others what do,

when we aren’t their GOD.

We have forgotten,

the feeling it brings to hold an innocent child.

To cradle the harmless, helpless,

dependent-on-our-lifestyle baby.


We have forgotten

the sweet sweet song of a bird when the sun rises.

We’re all in bed.

Depressed and without a shower.

We’ve forgotten

because we THINK we are our own master.

You’re not. This world controls you.

Welcome to the new age, a dark age,

and it’s no where near over.

Are your eyes not open?

You’ve forgotten.


I will not

attempt to please anyone except God

with the energy I have to do MORE than those people ask of me.

I am asked

to party and HATE on people,

like those others do…

Some of those people,

who try and reel me in with bait,

are wanting to do good,

but don’t see how they twist their fate,

“come along, let’s show the world good, and how wonderful it can be.

You and me, but let’s forget the God whom created we.”

So I will not.

I won’t be anyone but me.

I won’t act like a judgmental “Christian” sitting in a church

when every door has been opened.

I will not CLOSE MY MIND

to the idea of a spirit world.

I WILL venture into my soul along with the Lord,

who guides me in meditations.

I will not



into the filth that’s so popular.

I’m not greater than anything… or anyone…

ACKNOWLEDGE the greatness, THOUGH.



I will not

be blind.

I WILL see through the wicked,

and walk above it.

I WILL ask God to raise me above,

and he will do it,

as he has before,

because I ask.

because I want to know Him more.