I will not

attempt to please anyone except God

with the energy I have to do MORE than those people ask of me.

I am asked

to party and HATE on people,

like those others do…

Some of those people,

who try and reel me in with bait,

are wanting to do good,

but don’t see how they twist their fate,

“come along, let’s show the world good, and how wonderful it can be.

You and me, but let’s forget the God whom created we.”

So I will not.

I won’t be anyone but me.

I won’t act like a judgmental “Christian” sitting in a church

when every door has been opened.

I will not CLOSE MY MIND

to the idea of a spirit world.

I WILL venture into my soul along with the Lord,

who guides me in meditations.

I will not



into the filth that’s so popular.

I’m not greater than anything… or anyone…

ACKNOWLEDGE the greatness, THOUGH.



I will not

be blind.

I WILL see through the wicked,

and walk above it.

I WILL ask God to raise me above,

and he will do it,

as he has before,

because I ask.

because I want to know Him more.