“I don’t know that I am an artist”

So I am having difficulty accepting this idea that “to be an artist, you must not say/think that you are an artist”

. . . whaaaat?

I can understand people not knowing they are an artist… IN FACT, nobody knows they are an artist at first- but anyone can art, so doesn’t that mean that anyone can say that they are an artist?

This idea that is thrown around is pretty discouraging, so I’m challenging it.

Staying Open

is hard.

It allows knives to slide

and fingers to pry.

Staying open requires pain

to be welcomed and

thought of as a lesson.

Staying open 

provides a broad door

for anyone to explore.

Some that come through leave immediately

some stay

some go after a while.

Staying open 

invites knowledge.


Are you open?

Are you full?
Are you dreaming
of a fill?

How is it
in your shoes?
Do your feet slide
or do they cramp your toes?

How happy is it there
in your chair?
How grumpy do you awake?
Are you content
or just makin it?

I want to know
does life please your soul?
Are you okay with the way you’re living it?

What would you change,
if anything.
I want to know,
your “improvements”.

Tell me if you’d please,
Are you open?
Do you dream?